In recent days, Uber have shared a taste of the future. Their Elevate team have offered up considerable demonstration of their thinking (in conjunction with NASA and others) what it could look like for the general public to have access to VTOL (vertical take of and landing aircraft as part of the transport mix.

There are indications such an offering could reach the U.S. as soon as 2020 however that date seems rather unlikely in my opinion.

Here's some of the document Uber's Elevate team have made public:

Imagine traveling from San Francisco’s Marina to work in downtown San Jose—a drive that would normally occupy the better part of two hours—in only 15 minutes. What if you could save nearly four hours round-trip between São Paulo’s city center and the suburbs in Campinas? Or imagine reducing your 90-plus minute stop-and-go commute from Gurgaon to your office in central New Delhi to a mere six minutes.

It certainly sounds pretty exciting and certainly futuristic. If you're interested in more on the subject, here's