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    Thought I’d post some visual directions to Baxter Inn. It’s a little tricky to get to but gets really good reviews on Tripadvisor and we really enjoy the place. They basically specialise in Whisky but also serve really good cocktails and probably some wines. The bar people seem knowledgeable also.



    So the address is 152 Clarence St – but of course, you’re not going to the Sprinkler Room….


    You’d be off down the dark alleyway instead. No one could forgive us for walking straight past it as  someone was peeing in the alleyway so we didn’t really stop and look around to check where we were. But this is the way you need to go…

    At the end of the tunnel turn right… I know, it still looks like you’re going nowhere..

    Sometimes there’s a queue…

    So this is the door you’re looking for which is normally open. Unless you’re a keen bean and arrive a bit early.

    The same decor continues down the stairs, but hey – kegs are a welcome sight…

    Go through the door at the bottom… and you’re there!

    This is only half the bar.

    At the back is a wee whisky room for some of the more expensive whiskies to taste and off to the right some booths for groups, otherwise it’s pretty much the tables you see. No windows down at this level but it still has a pretty cool vibe we enjoy. 

    Have no fear ladies – they make some really delicious cocktails.

    Apparently they hold ~ 840 Whiskies. But there’s a wall menu to help get you started and a book menu if you want more choices.

    It’s worth checking out. Depending on the vibe you’re after but despite the location, we’d go back again.

    I actually took these pics on a recent trip so they differ from our previous visit where the place was filled, but it doesn’t take long after opening for people to start drifting in.

    Anyway, up to you folk if you care to wander down.

    Mauricio Freitas

    Thanks for sharing. I visited the Baxter Inn a couple of times – just to give an idea of what to expect at night (don’t be frightened when getting there), here is the laneway entrance in the dark:

    And another view of the bar:


    No worries. I don’t mind sharing some things.

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