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    Noticed the latest deals… so priced up some hoping to use my airpoints, which feel increasingly of dubious value to me. I have about 4k of them.

    Via lowest prices, using a range of providers either Singapore Air or Cathay Pacific, i can get to LON with 3 of us for $5400, but I cant use points.

    All Airnz, it will be $8050.

    Using a combination, I have to use Flexpay, which is essentially a 10% levy on my airpoints? now thats new – which changes the price to $4500.

    Have to say… welcome back bad AirNZ… you were missed…


    Adam Jobbins

    In Economy?


    Hi there,

    Your $5400 quote is one way WLG-LHR?? (I’ve seen fares ex AKL ~ $1600 Y rtn so just checking)


    Just had a quick look around Oct/Nov dates as those were the NZ conditions with pricing per person. Sounds like the aim is to get to London for the cheapest out of pocket fare. To use your APD you’re best buying separate tickets. Obviously you need to build some safety into that time wise, check insurances etc.


    1. NZ metal in Y AKL-LHR I see $914 one way so x3 = 2742  2nd Oct

    – 850.62 ex AKL/WLG and 63.38 taxes (cc fee not incl if using)

    – rtn 21 Oct 1750.75 APD and 366.25 taxes

    – you could use the APD for 2 of the fares and then split the cost of the cash fare (yours), 3 ways but you get to keep the SP and APD earn. So use 3500 APD for 2 fares, cash component = (366.25 x2) + 2117 = 2483.25 / 3 = NZD 827.75 each is the cost of all 3 of you getting to LHR. You will get to keep the 89APD. WLG-LHR for 827 return is good value IMO. With APD earn you’re paying 738 for your fare.

    Last minute fares TT cost more than that! Having it all on NZ would also ensure smoother transitions between flights vs building in stopover time for security between changing airlines/separate tickets.

    Uh… these clearly aren’t the numbers if there’s a child without a job involved! But you can rework the numbers.

    You’ll end up on 2 different PNRs but as long as you can select seats (which you can check prior) I don’t see this as being an issue. I’ve done this before (only 2 of us) but I book everything in quick succession to get the seats we want. Can always call Air NZ to help with seating if issues.


    2. AKL-PER return NZ metal using APD then catch a sale fare from PER-LHR

    – AKL-PER 961.15 APD return but wait for a sale fare, should be less (taxes 182 rtn)

    – PER-LHR QR 1147 rtn A380/777 (found on google flights 20hrs travel 1 way), assuming AUD


    3. AKL-HKG NZ or CX metal using APD then sale fare from HKG-LHR

    – AKL-HKG 1055 APD rtn sale fares (125 taxes)

    – HKG-LHR 815 Lufthansa there and Swiss return (google flights) AUD (sorry in Oz currently)


    4. AKL-SIN NZ metal with APD then SIN-LHR return SQ (2-18 Oct) $1242SGD

    – AKL-SIN 890 APD rtn + 104 taxes, **same price ex WLG

    – SIN-LHR 864 to 1198 depending on carrier (google flights AUD)


    Have a play, see what you think. Just my rough workings.



    Adam: of course its economy, it’s 2 parents and a teenager. Im not rich like steve.

    The $5397 was return via AirNZ website, but via Cathay Pacific which precludes the use of airpoints.

    Returning on the 21st is awesome…. but it also means we take my youngest out of school for at least 7 days, which will probably become the rest of that week.

    So close and yet so far.


    Hmmm, where’s the edit feature MF?

    Anyway, I should add that of course you can’t use APD for the outbound and $$ for the inbound – AirNZ blocking me on that.

    So off to the travel agent we go, and AirNZ gets to pick up the domestic flights I guess.

    Steve Biddle

    You can use APD for inbound but as it needs to be booked from the UK site (priced in GBP) you’ll need to book it via a CSR as they need to convert the APD to GBP which can’t be done online.

    What dates are you looking at? Flying NZ metal via North America is always the most expensive option, but with the current sale I’ve seen plenty of availability for under $2000 on NZ metal which is a pretty good deal for them.



    October school hols (2/10-16/10). Yes it is a good deal but AirNZ making too difficult…

    Steve Biddle

    October school hols (2/10-16/10). Yes it is a good deal but AirNZ making too difficult…

    Ahh school holidays.. Like Xmas flights always go up in price.. just because.


    So you could depart Oct 1 or 2nd and return Oct 15 AKL-LHR.

    Price goes up significantly when you add WLG leg on the return leg of the booking (same price outbound AKL/WLG departure). I’d look at booking AKL-WLG separately but I’m happy with separate tickets and building enough spare time into the itinerary for say weather disruptions or using flexitime and then changing the flight time on the day for the WLG-AKL leg. You may not all sit next to each other on that leg but it’s a short flight. You could check out the open jaw options WLG-LHR and return to AKL with a separate ticket to WLG using the multi city tool or call Air NZ for advice and maybe they can walk you through it.


    With that routing for 3 people you could pay

    2072 NZD for 1 fare, probably your own to collect some SP and APD

    and the other 2 would be 1700APD + 371 cash/credit card fee x2

    Out of pocket cost ~$2814NZD. I think you’d be hard pressed to find a travel agent to find return air fares for $938 pp. You can book 2 people on the laptop and line up your phone with the 3rd booking and press ‘pay’ at the same time as the other booking if you’re worried about separate PNRs. Then call Air NZ to link the bookings to make sure they don’t move anyone.


    It can take a bit of effort figuring out how to use your APD to reduce your cost with the smoothest itinerary but if you find a way that works it does make it all worthwhile in the end.


    Alternatively just keep the APD until you have a simpler trip to book on Air NZ’s routes. This is the farthest away they fly and you’re booking 3 legs each way. Even in other programmes my max number of legs to aim for is 2 consecutive just to keep it simple and increase the chances of the itinerary working (at least until I become more skilled at it).

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