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    Adam Jobbins

    FYI – for anyone flying into MEL, you can now book Uber X pickups directly at the airport. The Uber app will direct you to the shared pick up lanes between the T1-3 building and the Park Royal hotel.

    Great to see more airports finally supporting rideshare options.



    I have to admit I use the skybus as it’s so frequent and direct into town (and there was a VA deal previously), the part I hate is waiting for the onward hotel bus if you’re not within walking distance from there.

    Taxi’s to town were $$$

    I’m debating using Uber next time to the hotel and back to the station as I get a little impatient and I also dislike getting up really early to catch shuttles so you can go and pick up everyone else as well.


    I was in WA mid-year and saw advertising for Uber in Perth also.


    Adam Jobbins

    I live quite close to MEL (about 12 mins away in low traffic), and if I am not in a hurry I’ll usually use an Uber to the airport, and probably will from the airport to home now too. If I have a very early flight or I am short on time I use a limo service. It’s about 3x the price of an Uber, but I know that they will move heaven and earth to make sure there is a car waiting for me at the agreed time.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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