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    Adam Jobbins

    I’m in Auckland late next month for a wedding, and the reception is being held at the Rydges in Auckland. I figured I might as well stay there as well. I’ve booked two nights (which I can cancel if needed), but wondering if anyone on here has stayed there before and if it’s an OK hotel, or if I would be better staying somewhere better nearby. Given it’s in the Auckland CBD, there are of course plenty of other options very close.

    The rate the room is currently booked in is about $160/night, which is pretty good for Auckland. Don’t really want to spend much more that than, but curious if I’d get somewhere better for a similar price.

    Mauricio Freitas

    I think the Rydges is one of the best hotels in that area. Close to everything you need, at good rates. My go to option if I’m paying.

    Adam Jobbins

    Excellent. Ta


    Thoroughly recommended. The only nicer option for that price that comes to mind would be an AirBnb – and to get something superb you’d likely be looking a little further afield from the CBD or paying more.


    Some airline crew stay there which to me generally means a place is decent. We did stay there in the last couple of months.

    If you’re not already signed up as a PGR member I would sign up. You get 10% off the room rate. 20% off Food & Beverage (if you’re moving to the bar or from the bar keep a tab open because if you only buy drinks then the 20% off doesn’t apply – unless the bar man doesn’t know the rules). Free wifi and welcome drink – just for signing up! They have also added the option of a digital card recently which is way more handy (just them getting up to speed with the rest of the hotels). 1pm checkout etc.  https://www.priorityguestrewards.com/membership-benefits/

    Sign up early, I’ve always received the card late and have never found them to be great on that side of things but with a digital card now maybe you’ll receive your card earlier.

    We’ve had dinner at CUT restaurant a couple of times and I really like the food. Breakfast was good too. In general Rydges have upped their game across restaurants when it comes to food. It’s just down to earth and good! There’s a yummy mocktail that’s either an orange / mandarin substitute in a pinacolada at Auckland as well.

    Food is yum.

    Bar & Breakfast set up

    As others have mentioned the location is easy walking to places.

    Only ~50% of the rooms have the Rydges Dream bed. We were upgraded and didn’t have it. To be honest I’d rather a smaller room and have that bed. I did stay in a small room a long time ago and found it well….small. But I’m all about the bed so I’d ask for that. Auckland’s reservation email is on the Rydges website when booking. I’m not a fan of the amenities. Oz seems to have sanctum which is ok but there’s other ‘stuff’ in the NZ bathrooms so I’d use my own (generally taken from another hotel!)

    Not the dream bed 🙁  Previous room (no pics) seemed a bit more modern.

    Check-in and restaurant staff are nice.

    Not sure if this hotel is participating in the ‘going green’ thing where basically you opt out of having your room serviced when staying more than one night and you’ll receive $ off your food bill but it’s another trick to saving $.

    I’m picking you won’t have a car but basically we found valet parking a smidgen more than self parking at the nearest parking place overnight. But there are cheaper places to park when just visiting the area or restaurant. I usually use the AT & Wilson/Parkmate apps to check pricing in the vicinity.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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