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    Heading across to the USA next month and taking a stack load of American Airlines flights.

    Is it worth joining Qantas to get onto the oneworld network, or should I just join AA?

    Adam Jobbins

    Don’t have the answer – but would be worth looking at the points earn with those flights banked to QF rather than AA. Sometimes it’s better, sometimes it’s worse.Will depend on fare class etc.

    Are you chasing status with them, or points? If you book to QF, you can use the points to book OW, QF and JQ flights, but if you book to AA you won’t be able to use points to book JQ flights.


    If you’re aiming for status the only question is – will your flying and frequency pattern get you there? Will you continue to fly AA or QF or other OW airlines?


    For these flights accruing to QF – check the calculator (make sure you put AA in as the airline if you bought directly from them) or the earning tables (fare class ) and

    There was something about the joint venture not being approved by DOT? But some appeal is going in so who knows what the outcome will be of that. Apparently it used to be good earnings on AA to QF but not with this joint venture thing up in the air. For a comparison my AA business flight ~ 4-5hrs earns 50sc but TT on EK business <3hrs recently earned 80sc. Haven’t checked my economy fare but assuming it won’t earn on QF.


    Compare the benefits at the level you plan to get to and the sc required.




    QF also lets you choose between 50sc and 8,000 points at each 500sc which obviously helps towards status.

    You need 4 QF marketed flights eg JQ EK QF count per year for QF status.

    There is a QF status challenge – link. ~ 200 sc in 3 months for gold or 400sc in 3 months for platinum. Status should come through ~2 wk later, maybe a bit more.

    Qantas points expire if you don’t accrue any for ~ 18 months.


    AA status I’m unfamiliar with and it seems a bit complicated requiring some mix of EQD EQM EQS and revenue?

    I found this link regarding AA status challenge

    AA miles expire every 18 months without activity I think.


    If just after points then AA points are more valuable than QF. Good for flying TT and domestic J even on QF but you can’t access the EK flights. You can also BUY AA points on promo’s which can be good value.

    Apparently AA surcharges are less than QF.


    If you’re planning on using points to fly to the US – well I did look at availability recently and it was ok for economy but not for business – it was crap with AA.

    Which then begs the question what routes are you planning on using them for?


    I bought AA miles for personal TT flying as availability looks amazing. Also for flying QR +/- EY west from Oz. Yet to actually use them.


    Despite QF being the lesser value program I credit OW to them because it fits my flying pattern. If something doesn’t credit to QF I check AA and credit it there. Easy to keep points alive by using the Qantas cash card also which like and also like flying EK.


    Flying AA for the first time in my life later in the year – yikes!


    Here’s an interesting article on Qantas from a few days ago. Personally I don’t really fly them long haul as I think there are better options although their Dreamliner will make things interesting.


    I don’t know what your flying pattern is so …. just a bit of light reading above and hopefully you can make a decision.


    Wow, thanks kiwiwings for the detailed reply. I’ll do some reading. Much appreciated 🙂


    You’re welcome. I don’t know AA well at all but know a bit about QF if other questions arise.

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