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    Saw a sign in Oz saying $1000 on the spot fine for using phone – seems a lot. Then I started wondering if this was for specifically talking on your phone, or texting, googling, or just even looking at it. See a few people on their phones prior to clearing immigration and customs. I’ve definitely been guilty but I actually don’t do it that often.


    We’ve seen the signage also, and we happily leave our phones in our packs. Also notice there are quite a number who either completely ignore the notices, or aren’t very observant. Have never seen anyone pulled up for using their phones though.

    Adam Jobbins

    The fine may be a new thing or new signage – I haven’t noticed it before.

    But I have seen people waiting in the immigration line told by immigration staff to put their phones away and referred them to signage that said you can’t use them in that area. Signage saying no phones has been pretty prominent, I just haven’t noticed a reference to a fine.


    I don’t use mine until through the secure area but it’s interesting that many of the private transfer companies don’t seem to know about the rule. Many text or call shortly after the plane lands to let you know they are waiting and it does create a little bit of anxiety that not answering will make them think one is not coming.


    $1000 seems pretty steep. I knew you shouldn’t but it’s nice to know the consequences. I guess if there’s planes around to stare at I do, or I’m looking for a loo, filling in forms and walking, looking at duty free i.e. I’m not paying attention going through an airport much – at least not to the walls for signs. At BNE there was an ad on the tv about phones (that one didn’t state the fine) but you had to be watching the tv to notice it and I suspect most people are watching the queue ahead rather than up at the tv, at the right moment.


    Anyway, I could think of better things to do with $1000 than paying fines.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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