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    Looking at options of either Qantas/Emirates or AirNZ/Cathy Pacific for travel Wellington to London return in March/April. Not much in it cost-wise. Any recommendations or personal experiences?


    Hi Allan. Are you flying Wellington to Australia on Qantas then onto the UK in an A380 (double decker planes) Qantas/Emirates for the long haul legs?

    I just posted a response in another thread a few days ago for a similar question but for China Southern in the travel deals section.


    Basically if someone is flying economy and price being equal I think it’s best to choose based on aircraft type. So if you can fly the A380s in economy I think they are preferable to any other aircraft. I’d fly Qantas  / Emirates. A330s in the 2-4-2 layout are pretty good too. 2 seats just feels less cramped, but I suspect you will be on A380s.


    I’ve never flown Cathay. They’re flying the A350 out of NZ and sometimes a 777. I’m guessing it’s a 777 to London in which case back of the plane should also have the 2-4-2 layout.

    Air NZ 777. I fly them short haul in economy and always aim for the back of the plane where they have the 2-4-2 layout. Its the preferred seating area which has a fee but I think its worth it. Great if the aisle seat remains free and you can stretch out a bit. Also good getting an overview as to where some of the spare seats are in case you can move to a row and stretch out. Unaccompanied minors are down this end (at least on the Tasman route) but can’t imagine there are a lot flying to Hong Kong. Last meal I had was a couple of years ago but I think Emirates food was a bit better, although I have ordered from the inflight menu from the seat which is pretty cool. I think toasted sandwich, pie and regular sandwich are available with other drinks and snacks, at least TT.

    Emirates will have the best range of in flight entertainment options. They also have reasonable food in economy. Wifi is pretty awful on Emirates though. Not sure if that’s important for you.

    It’s been ages since I’ve been through Dubai and Hong Kong airports although I suspect Hong Kong will be the better experience. If you’re flying Qantas A380 after March 25th I think they’re switching to flying through Singapore to London in which case Changi airport is great too, very calm, doesn’t seem overcrowded. Not stressful like some other airports.

    You may want to compare layover times as well?


    You can look on you tube for aircraft type and cabin reviews. There is seat guru which gives more info on the actual seats for different airlines and aircraft along with a comments section to read which may help you decide.


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