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    There’s definitely been a number of occasions where I’ve really appreciated particular flight attendants for one reason or another, or someone at a hotel that seems like they’ve gone above and beyond, or some other outlet. There are so many feedback options these days.

    There’s airnz’s my voice, or you could do I guess what I’d consider a “shout out” on twitter to Air NZ, or now feed back via Tripadvisor or via their flight comment email which feels like it was a little more formal and actually get back to the FA.

    Of course this all involves getting a good look at name badges without making it obvious that’s what you’re doing! I find this bit hard.

    Even with hotels, you can feedback via Tripadvisor, or Facebook or you are sent some analytics trust you survey which I never looked up until now. To be honest I have never bothered with reviews in the past although I didn’t post one for a place we stayed in Norfolk and I’ve felt guilty about it as they could have done with it. We ran into a couple as well at another place and they were explaining why they bothered with reviews. I guess recently there are some places where I’ve thought “I love being here – this is my go to” and I’ve felt more inclined to want to help out and leave a review …. just not on 4 different platforms. There are people in these industries that deserve a mention when they go just that little bit further.


    How do you feed back? I’m thinking twitter for airlines and maybe – apart from the post stay review, a reply email?? I want that person to know I thought they were good!


    I just received an email from Rydges asking for feedback but most surprisingly it gives me the option to either leave a review on their website or excitingly “Write to the General Manager”. Now THAT is a feature I’m after!! I wish more hotels would offer this. The email was given also for the GM.

    It might be that you’re running out the door and may not reflect on the hotel stay until later so this is awesome. I recently wanted to provide feedback to Hilton recently but was stuck googling an address to email and hoping it gets to the right person. I just don’t necessarily want to go through a long survey in order to provide feedback on a specific topic so I’m excited about this and hope it catches on to other hotels.

    I’ve only ever met 2 people that know how the loyalty programme works. All other staff don’t seem to know which is a shame. One of them told me a new lady had taken over (can’t recall if it was loyalty specifically or a higher role) but they were hoping she would bring about some changes.


    With regards to Air NZ I used the flight comment email address for a flight I took earlier. I wasn’t expecting any acknowledgement as none was required but they did so that was nice. There is something on their website as well but I can’t remember why I didn’t use it.


    Sometimes the frontline people or behind the scenes people may be forgotten about but really need to be told “thanks for thinking outside the box and being so damn thoughtful.” Feeling appreciated is really important for staff. Just my opinion.

    Steve Biddle

    There have been a few occasions we’re I’ve wanted to give feedback to hotels or staff but there has simply been no easy way to do it.

    I do know feedback Air NZ get on crew or individuals via direct feedback and social media does regularly get passed to the people. I’ve actually had a flight attendant who I’ve had quite a few times and who recognises me thank me for some feedback I’d sent about him when I mentioned to NZ about him being exceptional.



    I was going to put up a screen shot but ended up blanking out too many parts but it really is bang on the money as a tool to feed back. What the hotel managers do with the info afterwards is another story!


    Like everything there are pros and cons and I suspect if hotels give patrons these options they will be less inclined than ever to complete surveys. I delete the majority of survey requests. Hotels won’t be able to collect the other information about a persons stay.


    Social media is ok but not every hotel is actively monitored or you may have to switch platforms which I find annoying. I’ve left a few reviews on Tripadvisor and one on facebook but this ‘feedback to the GM’ button I think is the best for quick specific feedback.



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