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    I was looking at the secret flying website which currently has some good deals out of Aussie eg Oz to Italy on Singapore Airlines.



    Oz to Maldives with Scoot which would be great as accommodation can be expensive there.



    On these 2 occasions the site referenced Momondo, an online travel agent (OTA).  I don’t think these are error fares and flying economy I think it becomes difficult to tell unless the fare difference is massive. There’s a nice article by business insider which explains why the fares can be so low which gives me a little confidence in booking through these channels if needed.


    It does look like you need to be prepared to look at the terms and conditions carefully to check cancellation fees, make sure baggage is included, weight limit for hand luggage depending on the carrier. If you can make the effort to do your homework it looks like it could save you a few dollars.


    I tend to book direct with the airline but am tempted in some ways to venture off the garden path some times.


    Singapore airlines are advertising flights to Asia as well and the prices are good, say NZD1069 Auckland to Phuket return roundtrip. You can read the T&C but ~ $500 one way is what I expect for sale pricing Auckland to Singapore but you’re able to get all the way to Phuket for this price.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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