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    Wow Brasil is all about meat, meat and Salt, even the Maori folk would be surprised at the amount of exceptional cuts of meats available in Brasil, the standing joke in our family was “would you like some meat with your salt” my youngest daughter still loves different food groups with her salt.

    As mentioned in previous conversations this does change a lot as you move up the country, and when we first went to Rio I was shocked to learn, that in Rio meat is a rear thing, and it’s to do with it’s location? please correct me if I’m wrong, there must of been tonnes of meat brought into Rio during the Soccer world cup “Germany 7 and Brasil 2 ouch” and the Olympics.

    I never weighed as much as I did after having lived in Brasil for 12 months, I did notice however in the later years of my travels at how much the price of meat had increased, and how it had impacted the social lives of the locals as the weekend BBQ,s got less and less with each visit.

    Brasil is all about eating with friends and family, game shows on the weekends, soccer if you can afford it, bloody hard work, plus they have these love motels, but their not sleazy like they are in our society, they are more functional and respectful and I think they are the only places you can go to actually have a bath, Brasil love it. Cheers Greg


    I read guinea pigs are a thing over there. Tried any?

    Mauricio Freitas

    I am Brazilian and can tell you guinea pigs aren’t a thing over there.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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