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    I looked into airlines but they look horrendous, not to mention I’d be super nervous. Delays etc and booking the right ticket.

    I’ve just seen on Qantas it’s 40.9NZD but on booking looks to be 157NZD for 2 people and leaning towards this but it takes longer than flying, if your flight actually departs…. on time…. Reviews on Tripadvisor don’t look encouraging.

    I’d prefer to bus but partner doesn’t want to and I’m not sold on the safety of boats. Anyone done the trip in the last 5 years?


    Oops Qantas reference was regarding drivers between the 2 cities although on closer inspection the price went up considerably for my dates.

    Anyway after a bit more research I think I’ll take a chance on Bassaka air. They fly an A320 between the 2 cities apparently for cheap. Couldn’t find any air incidents. Reportedly a 45 min flight but closer to 30mins after reading some customer reviews. The reviews were more favourable than Cambodia Angkor Air who fly an ATR. Bassaka Air’s website is bringing up lots of N/A’s for dates I want so I think I’ll head off to the local travel agent to see if they can book something….. and come up with a plan B in case the flight is cancelled as we’ve booked accommodation already. Fingers crossed!


    Interesting, the travel agent said they quite often have to charge a fee on top of any cheap or LCC airlines.

    Also I didn’t realise that LCCs or cheaper airlines may not have their entire schedules loaded, which appears to be the case with Bassaka air. Dates are loaded to June but our travel is later. Bassaka air didn’t show up on their Amadeus system. I’ve booked a couple of LCCs in the past but never noted that issue before.

    Anyway, the other airline they had loaded was JC International airlines. Looks like they fly an A320 and just started flying last year. Reviews seem ok. Looks like their website is recently functional and reports are you can now book with a credit card here. I don’t want to fly late though and delays at night would be the worst.

    Bayon airlines flies a turboprop MA60 with safety concerns mentioned on various sites.

    CAA is out. I did see an A320 on the schedule but I expect it’s predominantly an ATR plus crap reviews.

    Oh well, learn something new every day!


    I’ve done this plenty times, as well as into and out of both airports from international destinations. I know Cambodia reasonably well and have several friends who live there if you have specific questions.


    Which airline is concerning you? Angkor Air, Vietnam Airlines, Silk Air etc are all fine. The boats are OK although I have not done that in a while – it’s worth doing at least once in your life!


    Airlines I don’t know freak me out. Safety, massive delays / cancellations and difficulty booking were the main concerns although I should be fine on that last one after doing a bit more homework. Safety, well Bassaka and JC are fairly young airlines. I can be pretty negative in my head when flying unknown airlines. Short haul I guess is tolerable and I know sometimes there are no other options. (But it’s pretty exhausting mentally long haul, hence I don’t do it). So I needed to do a bit of googling to figure out which airline to fly. I was surprised at the number on offer.


    I’d prefer a day bus / car (although I’ve read comments regarding safety on roads also but really, I have a much better chance of surviving a car accident than a plane crash).


    Out of curiosity was the boat trip interesting or boring?


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