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    Never sure if i can take my oral b rechageable toothbrush on a plane or in the hold




    I don’t have one but just having a quick google it looks like hand luggage is the way to go. I think main concerns are if they have lithium batteries then it’s a must for carry on, not checked bags.

    Otherwise google says put it in a case so it doesn’t actually get switched on and people have had to figure out where the humming is coming from then unpack their toiletries bag in front of everyone to find it and turn it off 🙂 They had been asked at screening but nothing much else. Maybe taking it out along with laptop electronics etc for viewing during screening. One person had their toothbrush taken by TSA but – it is the US. I’d err on the side of carry-on.

    In general I don’t pack anything electric in my check-in luggage, and I’m flying with a hand held vacuum this weekend – haha. Lithium battery though so goes in carry-on.

    Steve Biddle

    Most toothbrushes still use NiMH batteries rather than lithium.

    There should be no issues taking it as carry on. They are not restricted items.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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