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    See the article. I’ve not searched myself.

    Destinations include

    Rome, Italy

    Vienna, Austria

    Frankfurt, Germany


    Then you can catch a cheap short haul flight to wherever you actually need to be.

    Just checked departures out of Auckland in November – saw 1215 one way and 1364 return leg. Still really good pricing! I think some Air NZ pricing was ~ $2200 in the current sale one way to Europe.

    Books into E class which does accrue.


    Business class is NZD 5254 return


    In terms of Frequent Flyer Programs:

    Flying blue has pretty good accrual rates generally but you do have to fly them every 24 months. Can’t keep the account active with car rental accruals. Airlines in the area for sky team include Air Calin to New Caledonia, Garuda from Australia to Indonesia, China Airlines obviously to Brisbane and Taipei, Vietnam airlines out of Australia, and I’m sure there are some others that visit our Shores.

    Alternatively there is Delta where points don’t expire, but redemptions have dynamic pricing and there is no award chart – annoying.

    Then China Airlines. I don’t think you can pool or transfer your points. Easy enough to get accrue an upgrade across the ditch although it’s cheap enough to pay for as well. Hard expiry of points at 36months. I haven’t looked at it any further than that.


    Admit I got suckered in to the current NZ sale to Europe – Gah!!!


    I’ll leave this post here as a painful reminder as to what a sale fare should look like :p



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