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    The lounge access is just in addition to the room so is it possible to just add this on once you get to the hotel and can ask more questions to ascertain if it’s worth it?

    – eg is it continental or any hot food with breakfast vs just eating in the main restaurant (and earning points for $ spent) or heading to a nearby cafe.

    – lounge opening hours

    – what’s on offer in the evening for food and beverages etc. Good replacement for the mini bar!


    Lounge access appears to be just an add-on so, could I purchase it on arrival after I’ve asked questions? Or has anyone tried purchasing it for just 1 or 2 days of your stay?



    My other thought was if your room wasn’t ready on arrival it would give you somewhere to hang out until it is ready. Probably cheaper than purchasing the extra night prior.


    So it looks like it’s possible. The only issue is they must cap lounge access numbers as there was no availability on the day I enquired although it is peak season.

    We seem to generally end up in places without lounges which is why I don’t think about it much but in future I might just call ahead to enquire about breakfast prices etc vs lounge. I’m getting the impression lounge access can often be around the price of 2 adult breakfasts anyway, but you can sometimes grab drinks and snacks throughout the day or in the evening they may put on more of a spread. Saves being tempted by the minibar or heading out to find shops. Worth factoring in.

    Paul Spain

    I’ve not often used hotel lounge facilities, but I like your thinking. Super handy in some situations such as when checking in early after a long flight and room isn’t ready yet.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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