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    Travel also involves culinary delights from various continents. And sometimes you’re reminded just how good home is.

    I have to admit I’ve ordered mussels in Oz and was severely disappointed. NZ has amazing green lipped mussels and they’re massive! I did order them again in Oz elsewhere only to be reminded of my previous promise never again to buy mussels in Oz.

    We were looking at a fishing board in Tassie stating kingfish had to be thrown back at 45cm, yet this is 75cm in NZ. WOW!

    Also ordered some scallops in Taz only to be met with this….

    They’re about twice the size of your fingernail without the roe. I remember going camping around the Coromandel with some friends and free diving for scallops almost the size of your palm.


    On a brighter note I have a thing for Riesen which is a German chocolate I was introduced to in the US. Always stock up when I see these.


    Anyone else have any food do’s and don’ts when travelling? Or is there something you like to smuggle home?


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