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    If you’re considering staying at any of the Baillies properties in Australia you may want to start with the cheapest first as this can lead to subsequent discounts which are advantageous for the more expensive properties. The properties consist of

    Southern Ocean Lodge on Kangaroo Island. A 20min Rex flight from Adelaide or a ferry ride from Cape Jervis, a bit of a drive out of Adelaide (but I recommend the flight). You can actually get there in a day taking the direct flight from NZ then onto Rex later.



    Capella Lodge on Lord Howe Island, a QF flight from Sydney or Brisbane



    and Longitude 131 at Ayers Rock/Uluru



    You should be offered a 10% discount on your next Baillies stay which is significant, and despite point earning credit cards you’ll save more if you avoid the credit card.

    They sent out an email offering 50% off during the off peak season as well for SOL. Despite it being a bit chilly the savings would still be worth going during that period.

    There are currently a couple of offers from the luxury lodges of Australia website



    Kangaroo Island is great for scenery and wildlife. It’s around 155km in length so fairly sizeable. I’ve had my longest koala cuddle time there too.

    Despite being ‘a rock’ I still find Uluru impressive.

    I don’t have any strong inkling to go to Lord Howe Island but some of the pictures remind me of Tahiti I think because of the turquoise water and high mountains on a small island.


    These places tend to be all inclusive, like meals, tours, drinks, mini bar etc are all included. I think it’s important to look at the itinerary of planned events these places offer but don’t feel locked into them. I’m a fan of going off and doing your own thing as well but to get the most out of your $ it would be better if you at least wanted to take part in some of the events/tours – you’re paying for it regardless. Because they’re Australian they tend to showcase Aussie wines so if you’re not really into them then ask for a list and you can decide if you should pick up a bottle of your own to bring.


    I think I’ve mentioned previously Lizard Island and Emirates Wolgan Valley have appeared in the entertainment book. Keep an eye on the luxury lodges of Australia website. AMEX has some affiliation with the Oz luxury lodges but not all of them. Qantas and luxury escapes are other websites to check.


    Any tips on avoiding paying full price for similar places would be appreciated.




    Just updating this as Qantas is also going to start flying to KI. I hope NZ get on board with the advertising given they’ll be flying their Dreamliner to Adelaide.

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