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    If you’re picking people up etc then don’t forget to check the airport website for cheaper deals. Haven’t checked to see what the other airports offer. I spent some time with a mate transiting recently so a few hours and possibly should have used this instead.

    If you meet at the Novotel by Auckland international, you can grab pretty good food, a more extensive drinks list than you’ll find in the lounge, comfy seats and then walk them up the escalators to departures. You can have your parking validated by taking your food and beverage receipt to the actual Novotel check-in reception just across from the bar area. Cost you way less in parking.

    Also great if you don’t have lounge access. You can use your Accor plus card for the food discount too. And sometimes it’s nice say, prior to the late NZ Singapore departure to have a few cocktails. Best to check-in and get rid of gear first though and head over to the Novotel. Fill out your departure card while you’re having a drink. Set an alarm on your phone as to when you should leave to get through security. The flights are displayed at Novotel reception anyway but you’ll know on your boarding pass / app which gate you’re headed to so leave enough time or just leave Novotel a bit early and head over to the NZ lounge. In time to change any FFP numbers etc if needed.

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