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    Departing BNE international they have body scanners and when you’re in line there’s sometimes someone there with the button that goes green or red to be selected. It honestly looks like its faster than standing in the usual line to go through the scanner and I figured I would volunteer in future. Anyway – yesterday was my day. The guy came out and I just asked to go with him anyway but he said I had to hit the button which much to my delight went red! Anyway the machine wouldn’t work but it was only a couple of minutes and pushing buttons to sort it. Then I needed a pat down he said and needed to grab a female. I had visions of that reporter on you tube in the US with the more ‘extensive’ pat down service except I had no plans to start crying. Anyway I wasn’t wearing a dress so just told him I didn’t care he could do it. He didn’t want to and pointed out the yellow area on my leg that lit up. I kicked off my shoes and rolled up my pants to my knees, did a twirl. There was nothing there. Then I remembered my ankle surgery decades ago and pointed that out. He said it wasn’t a metal detector but it could be the reason it lit up. There was nothing else to see so he waved me on. Not quite the expeditious process I was hoping for but entertaining at least. I probably get the scanner in Syd over half the time I swear and for some reason that one grates on me. Never had a pat down though – yet. I haven’t seen any pat downs like the you tube one.

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