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    ~ Oct there’s Y $478 PE $1183 and J $2078 one way


    I noticed the NZ flight departs at 11am and SQ has taken the 120am slot and 335pm slots.

    I used to moan the NZ flight departed late 2300 / 0100 but to be honest it gets in at a great time for onward connections and I loved getting on board then konking out. Flying SQ later in the year with a middayish departure and we have to overnight (extra expense staying in SIN when I’d rather stay home an extra day and save $ or get to the destination and spend an extra night there).

    That day flight with NZ on the 789 I’d totally be happy flying down a cabin in PE rather than J.

    Also notice Chch SQ departure is a 777-200……J I think is angle flat 2-2-2 layout as opposed to the 777-300ER with 1-2-1. A380 also 1-2-1 but bit older J seating. I think Chch had the 777-300ER previously. Haven’t looked through the timetable to see how long the 777-200 is flying the route. Chch is slightly cheaper ~ $1948

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