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    The Love affair is over. Well I gave it a go and after starting really strong and getting really good feed back, Airbnb kept sending me messages to lower my charge rate, which it seemed was really low to start with, so I just shut it down and came off the platform, has anyone else stopped the service or am I the odd one out, Cheers Greg




    Oh stink. Will you go with book a Bach or holiday homes?


    Could you have just kept the rate you wanted given you had good feedback?

    Steve Biddle

    My love affair with them is over as well.

    Booked in Vegas for 7 nights during CES in May when there was plenty of availability. Last night I got a refund email saying my booking was cancelled.

    Right now Airbnb have offered me US$100 compensation – the problem is when 170,000 people visit Vegas accommodation becomes scare. I paid NZ$1150 for 7 nights – and other options right now are around NZ$1000 more than this.


    I still think Airbnb has a place when it comes to accommodation but one of the things I had read about was hosts cancelling stays, especially if they received a better offer, and I think booking Airbnb during a popular event would be out for me because of the fear of your experience becoming my reality.


    I think accommodation loyalty points can be really handy during high season depending on the program.


    What’s plan B?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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