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    I’ve been looking at airfares during term time and they’re so much better than travelling during school holidays.

    Should I go ahead and book family travel outside of school holiday time? Has anyone tried this and had issues with it?


    I travelled to and from Brisbane at Christmas with my girls, we flew out on a Monday instead of the official last weekend of the summer holidays, it saved me a bunch of cash and the airport was like a ghost town, we even got told off by the cleaner for walking away from our bags, which was a bit funny at the time, since we were the only people in that part of the airport, So yes flying outside of the holidays works, it can just mean the kids miss the first day back.

    Steve Biddle

    Airlines globally seem to block out school holidays when they offer promotions, and typically also charge a premium over the Xmas period. Why? Because they can! Imagine the outrage if McDonalds put their prices up during school holidays.

    I guess you need to find out what the school policy is regarding this and see what impact it could have on children missing class.



    A slightly older article on Stuff outlining this exact dilemma.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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