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    Back in April/May OneSmart ran a promo giving out bonus airpoints for a foreign currency load.  Please did anyone keep that email that they can forward to me or perhaps post the wording of it here.  I deleted it thinking I wouldn’t need it but I haven’t received my points. I would like to have the exact wording in front of me in case it turns into a bunfight.   They are being reasonably helpful but very cumbersome to get through to the right people who can actually help (on a par with Vodafone with IVRs and call transfers).

    Couple of footnotes:

    1. It’s only $10, but it’s the principle.
    2. Please don’t judge me for using OneSmart.  I know it’s a cr*p product but I had some residual money on there so decided to use it for one more trip. This is the last time, I promise.  (Are there really any better alternatives out there though, by way of pre-load cards?  I know these are not the most fiscally-efficient but I quite like ‘saving’  for a trip this way.)
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