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    That’s just insane! Hope they get it fixed quickly!


    Paul Spain

    I’m hoping they have enough fuel tankers to ensure key long haul flights aren’t cancelled – and that delays are kept to a minimum. I’ve  two long haul flights out of Auckland International Airport this week.

    Adam Jobbins

    We’re working to get comment from a number of airlines as to impacts and customer options. Article up shortly.

    Update: Here


    I was looking at domestic flights this morning in case I have to shoot south again and noticed I couldn’t get flights to CHC the whole week. Even JQ was patchy, so looked at routing via WLG and even AKL-WLG was showing the same thing. Thought it was a glitch. Received notification maybe yesterday the NZ app receiving planned maintenance or something overnight and I thought maybe the work was extended to their website but I now suspect it was due to the fuel issue.


    Certainly looks like they’ve reduced the number of flights (CHC, WLG at least) as you usually get the half hourly flights main trunk during peak hours but overall just looks like less flights in general. Fuel crisis was mentioned a couple of times on the flight home tonight and I had the impression they had moved a few passengers onto our flight.


    Barring Monday I flew everyday this week but this coming week nothing planned which given circumstances I’m grateful for. Saw a quiz question on the A320 tonight asking which song by John Denver contains the lyrics “That I should have been home yesterday”, and I was thinking ‘yeah there’ll be a few passengers singing those lyrics this week!’ Should have snapped a pic but wasn’t fast enough.


    Can’t believe the fuel line isn’t more protected e.g. signage or something for a digger to be anywhere near it. Pretty impressed though at events in terms of

    – low pressure in fuel line noted

    – helicopter checks line

    – find leak, go assess

    – fly in Canadian engineers who are currently enroute


    Unimpressed at knowing about an issue of single fuel line since 2012 report supplying 1/4 of the population.

    Anyway, totally unique situation going on. I definitely think long haul should take priority with fuel and really hope for a speedy solution.

    Steve Biddle

    I see mention on nzsource of NZ5 stopping at NAN on it’s way from LAX to AKL. Presumably they can top up with enough to then fly onward to Aussie without needing to refuel in AKL.



    Mauricio Freitas

    This is a list of Air NZ cancelled flights for 19th September:

    • NZ718 – Sydney to Auckland
    • NZ719 – Auckland to Sydney
    • NZ411 – Auckland to Wellington
    • NZ418 – Wellington to Auckland
    • NZ429 – Auckland to Wellington
    • NZ428 – Wellington to Auckland
    • NZ538 – Christchurch to Auckland
    • NZ543 – Auckland to Christchurch
    • NZ555 – Auckland to Christchurch
    • NZ566 – Christchurch to Auckland
    Adam Jobbins

    This is a list of Air NZ cancelled flights for 19th September

    I’ve started a new thread to list impacted flights, which I will endeavour to keep up to date

    AKL Fuel Shortage – Impacted Flights


    Refining NZ has daily progress updates on their Facebook page. They have a you tube video on the Stopple Train plugging system for the repair process which is quite fascinating.


    QF still haven’t put the flights I’m interested in back online. Might have to pick up the phone – I’m guessing they’ll try and charge me!



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