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    I remember my first visit to Brasil it was at the same time Bush Jr sent the USA into Afghanistan, we were in Brasil at the time, and had been told by someone we thought knew about traveling, that we should take the bulk of our money in American Express Cheques, what a shocking decision that was, when we arrived the US dollar was in free fall, and we couldn’t find a single bank that would exchange our cheques, by the time we got to Port Algeria a decent sized city and found a bank that would exchange the cheques we had lost $1500 to 2k in local currency, and even now, with more Brazilians using electronic transactions as a normal way of life, you are still better off to deal in cash, and get that cash while in a major city, before heading out into the greater Brazilian land scape, where Cash is still King.

    Steve Biddle

    Does anybody still use travellers cheques?


    Mauricio Freitas

    The last time I used traveller cheques was around 1997…

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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