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Even if I travel by myself I tend to take pics or text my partner back home anyway so it feels like I’m sharing my day so someone knows where I’ve been anyway. Not sure he appreciated the 24 emails while I was trialling inflight wifi long haul for the first time!

I still pick up a lonely planet travel guide if I’m going somewhere new. It tends to have good local advice including safety. Yes guidebook screams tourist but some places you’re going to stick out like a sore thumb regardless. Also good as a souvenir. Tried collecting shot glasses then realised that wasn’t sustainable.

I forward my Uber drivers on to my partner which is probably a bit ridiculous given I don’t do the same thing for taxis. NZ I feel good about Uber. Oz…… less so. Yet to use elsewhere but feel cautious about it outside of NZ.

I would still travel to Paris etc if I needed to but would likely just transit or avoid large events. Personally I think I’d be on much higher alert travelling to places like Sth Africa / Africa  or South America – they’re on the bucket list.

Definitely recommend reading up on bad areas to avoid especially if heading to a city. There was an article about google maps taking people through a bad area of town whilst driving in Sth America and a couple of them were shot and killed. I was driving in Morocco and took a turn and ended up down a street where there was a fire and loads of people shouting etc – very fast reverse!!! There is a distinct lack of street signs in Morocco so driving around at night trying to find my accommodation and using kindle lonely planet map was a nightmare. You don’t want to get out and ask anyone anything etc. I now stick with lonely planet books. Maps are far easier to read in the book. Another guy was driving us around in the US and swear it felt like we’d landed in Compton, LA. That was decades ago but it’s so easy to end up in the pooh.

Passport is emailed to myself and partner (he’s probably forgotten) and it’s on devices.

I split the credit cards with wallet and hotel safe, hate having too much cash on me – feel uneasy.

If I’m getting in late somewhere I don’t know then I’ll find a nice place to stay. Can’t be bothered looking over my shoulder late at night. I’ve stayed in some awful places in my time as well and you just end up staying awake with the lights on at night cause you’re worried and thinking – I’ll lose money if I go elsewhere but this place stinks etc….  anyway, lessons learned.

Safe travels people!