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Author: Steve Biddle

Vodafone New Zealand expands its $5 roaming footprint

Vodafone New Zealand have announced a significant increase in the overseas coverage footprint of its $5 daily roaming offering. Vodafone's $5 offering now allows you to use your mobile phone in 72 countries and pay only $5 per day for all usage - all inbound and outbound voice calls, TXT messages and data will be deducted from your existing plan allocation allowing you to continue using your phone just as you would in New Zealand. This offering is unmatched in the New Zealand marketplace and means Vodafone have a significant lead over both Spark and 2degrees in terms of roaming...

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Keeping in touch while travelling around Europe

Internet access while travelling is almost a necessity these days. Being able to keep in touch via social media, use Google Maps or order an Uber are now an essential part of travel. So what's the best option for staying in touch if you're travelling around the UK and Europe? As a frequent traveller I'm with Vodafone NZ for my mobile because their $5 daily roaming beats the roaming offerings from Spark and 2degrees hands down. The convenience of arriving in another country and being able to use my included minutes, SMS and data without having to change SIM...

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Air NZ Airpoints earn changes from 1st July 2017

Air New Zealand have unveiled changes to both Airpoints Dollar and Status Point earn for members of it's Airpoints frequent flyer program for flights booked from 1st July 2017. Unlike many other frequent flyer programs Airpoints earn is not simply based on distance flown or dollar spend - it's a complex calculation of route, aircraft type and airfare price. Those flying to regional destinations on it's cheapest fares will see their Status Point earn drop from 8SP to 4SP. Airpoints Dollar earn will drop from APD$2 to APD$1 on those same fares. Earn for higher priced fares is largely...

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The definitive guide to Air New Zealand upgrades

Most of us dream of paying for an Economy fare and receiving a free upgrade to Premium Economy or Business class when we fly. Unfortunately that's not the way the world works, and simply asking nicely at check-in or "dressing like you deserve to be sitting at the pointy end" (which seems to be a common tip that gets recirculated every few months on the Internet) are unlikely to get you a free upgrade at the airport. All airlines do occasionally upgrade passengers for various reasons either at check-in, or at the gate. This is known as an operational...

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Hotel Review – DoubleTree by Hilton Melbourne

Location: 270 Flinders St, Melbourne VIC 3000 Loyalty Program: Hilton Honors Rooms: 180 Website: I'm a frequent visitor to Melbourne to visit friends and family. I'd both heard and read a lot about the DoubleTree so figured a Saturday night there on a recent weekend trip was the perfectly opportunity to try it out. The DoubleTree brand sits as a midrange hotel in the Hilton family. Melbourne also features a Hilton that is soon to be rebranded after the recent sale of the building in April 2017, so this will leave the DoubleTree as the only Hilton brand...

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