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Author: Steve Biddle

A beginners guide to rental car insurance

Renting a vehicle can be one of the most confusing, frustrating and potentially risky parts of travel, especially when it comes to understanding the insurance cover you may (or may not) be getting. Get things wrong and you could suddenly find your holiday becomes a very expensive one! If you rent a vehicle in most countries in the world excluding Canada and the United States, you'll typically find yourself with several options for the excess or excess reduction when you make your booking. In the example below from Apex Car Rental here in New Zealand you'll see a $2,000...

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BTI-025 Bluetooth transmitter review

If you're a frequent flyer like me you'll probably own a pair of noise cancelling headphones. They're something I hate flying without, and right now I'm rocking a pair of Sony WH1000XM2 headphones for my travels. With most headphones these days now supporting Bluetooth, the freedom of not having a cable between you and your phone for listening to music is great. What about when you're flying and want to watch something on the inflight entertainment (IFE) system though? You're stuck needing to find the cable for your headphones to plug into the IFE screen or seat. A Bluetooth...

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Is Chicago about to become Air New Zealand’s newest destination?

Speculation has been rife for the last few years that that Air New Zealand has been considering non-stop flights from Auckland to Chicago to expand its presence in the North American market. This speculation may well be about to come true, with reports in the New Zealand media today that former United States President (and Chicago native) Barack Obama will be visiting New Zealand next month - on a trip reportedly sponsored by Air New Zealand. Air New Zealand CEO Christopher Luxon indicated in October 2017 that non-stop flights to Chicago and New York were on the cards "once...

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Air New Zealand offers Wellington airport parking (again)

Air New Zealand are once again offering customers the ability to book parking online at Wellington Airport utilising the airport's own parking facilities. The airline previously operated its own carparking area at the southern end of the airport, however this was shuttered in early 2017 due to the demolition of the old Air New Zealand hanger. Customers can book their parking online from the Air New Zealand Parking website, and will also earn Airpoints Dollars at a rate of APD$1 for every $50 spent on parking. Air New Zealand Elite and Elite Priority One customers who have valet parking...

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Singapore airlines dumps Canberra to Wellington – replaces it with Melbourne to Wellington

Singapore Airlines is scrapping it's Singapore to Wellington via Canberra route a mere 16 months after the launch of the "Capital Connection" service. The flight was reviewed by TravelTalk in August. The Singapore to Canberra sector will continue, but now fly inbound via Sydney, meaning the flight will have a brief stop at Sydney to offload passengers and refuel before continuing to Canberra. Wellington will now see the flight to Singapore route via Melbourne, along with a change of times. The total flight time to Singapore now being slightly longer, and the 22:45 arrival into Singapore also means it...

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