Air New Zealand has finalised the pricing of it's in-flight WiFi offering, having cut the price significantly since it's initial public launch in May.

Initially having set the price at NZ$40 per flight, they've now settled on NZ$25 for long-haul flights, and NZ$15 on short haul flights to Australia and the Pacific Islands.

WiFi is currently available on six of the airline's Boeing 777 fleet (ZK-OKO, ZK-OKP, ZK-OKQ, ZK-OKS, ZK-OKB and ZK-OKC), with the remainder of the Boeing 777 fleet due to be retrofitted by March 2019. Installation of WiFi on the Boeing 787 Dreamliner fleet is due to commence later this year and be completed by early 2020.

An option to buy 1 hour of access for $9 is available on all flights, as is an option for 10 minutes free access which is only available once per flight. Tech junkies who know what a MAC address is may have some fun with that option!

Traveltalk reviewed the initial trial in January and it's safe to say we were not overly impressed by aspects of the performance and the setup. Much has changed since that trial, and based on results we've seen recently it's safe to say Air New Zealand have a product offering that's now delivering awesome speeds and performance - we've seen speedtest results delivering up to 20Mbps down and 5Mbps up along with really good latency figures.

This level of performance makes it one of the best performing in-flight WiFi solutions in the market right now, and delivers an offering that's significantly better than most of its competitors.