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    Has anyone seen the re-vamped Velocity website?

    Loads of lovely marketing bunf and glossy stuff, but it took be bloody ages to find my points and status balance…………

    ……… and then it was exactly the same as the old website 🙁

    And they still haven’t credited the pooled points and credits from my son’s recent SQ trip 🙁 x 2

    Adam Jobbins

    Wow. Just logged in. That’s really, really bad.


    New iPhone app didn’t show either points or sc in first version – works well now.


    I saw on social media they acknowledged they were having website issues but were working on it. I think they resolved some issues, maybe the points balance? but finding the tables for redemptions was an issue so, maybe check back later in the week??


    VA were notoriously terrible for posting points. They got better but there have been complaints about it on the Australian forum with a thread dating back to October. I had a flight with them recently and eventually lodged a claim. It posted fairly soon after. Maybe days. So try that. The claim part of the site is nice.


    The app is better. It shows partner flights which Air NZ does already, as does my Qantas app. I’m glad they’re upping their game.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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