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    Paul Spain

    It seems (not sure if it’s true) that so called ‘Resort Fees’ are becoming more common. Basically a way to hide the true cost of accommodation in my opinion. So far I recall them in Las Vegas and Orlando.

    A few questions I’d love to hear opinions on…

    Should they be banned? Are they fair? What other cities are resort fees charged? Have you been charged a resort fee without it being made obvious when you’re booking?


    I’d vote to ban it. Bunch of baloney and just allows as you say for false advertising. Can’t see how it’s different to staying in any other type of accommodation.

    Might be worthwhile taking screen shots while you’re going through the booking process so you’ve got proof it was never advertised, although I guess it may be hidden in some fine print somewhere else on the site. But it should be in the booking.

    I don’t know who you report it to.

    Adam Jobbins

    While i’d like to see them banned, can’t imagine this can/would happen without some pretty deliberate intervention by consumer protection groups in each country. In the current environment in the US, I can’t see any intervention anytime soon.

    Steve Biddle

    They’re a growing ‘issue’ in Hawaii as well.

    I’ve also seen a couple of scenarios in the past couple of years while looking at accommodation on 3rd party booking sites where the prices excluded resort fees but that the way it was presented on the site may have not been clear to people who wouldn’t know to expect this.

    One thing that’s also pretty controversial is the charging of resort fees on reward stays. I think it’s reasonable to expect if you’re staying on points that the rate should cover the entire stay, but in Las Vegas in particular you’re stung this on reward stays by a number of the big chains.



Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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