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    Has a nice ring to it 😊

    Re:Dreamliner names: Boomerang sounds cool too. Not a major fan of Waltzing Matilda but it is very Aussie. Would like to have seen Uluru chosen – maybe next time. Great Southern Land doesn’t sound distinctly Aussie to me.

    Anyone know where “Vegemite” ranked?πŸ˜‹

    Thinking about trying Y out MEL-PER before considering it long haul. Pity you can’t score PE on the domestic leg. Alternatively I’ll wait for a you tube video to pop up.

    Adam Jobbins

    J on the QF Dreamliners would be a really nice experience I think. The Business Suites are the same as what QF currently have on their A330s and are a REALLY nice place to be. I’ve only done MEL to SYD in them but they beat NZ Business Premiere seats by miles.

    My father in law flew QF PER to MEL last year on a red eye on the A330 and I upgraded him to J and he had an awesome sleep in the 2m lie flat.

    I’m sure the comfort of the 787 would make the PER flights quite tolerable even in Y.


    I’ve flown AKL-PER and the transcon red eyes out of PER in the business suites. The red eye is my favourite QF flight (but MEL arrival is so short it leaves you more bleary eyed than SYD/BNE arrivals). I’m sure domestic Y will be fine on the 789 but I’m just being a bit nosey and wondering what it might be like long haul. I can’t really see many kiwis choosing to fly west on the 789 route to LHR with QF unless loyalty sways/blinds them given the alternatives.


    As part of the travel wish list I’d like to get to Giraffe Manor in Kenya and flying QF SYD-JNB makes sense but I’d prefer the 789 over current offerings. Maybe PE over as it’s currently a day flight and J return. I’m happy QF have joined the Dreamliner club and look forward to trialling it out.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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