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    I normally take the skybus into Southern Cross station and then a connecting hotel shuttle. Today I was met with ‘here’s the map’, take the tram up to that street and then walk. AWESOME….    I don’t recall what the previous timetable was because I’ve always just connected and it’s been ok. Of course today is the day that changed according to the agent at the station. Not a peep on social media. I follow them so I can receive updates. I was peeved. I hate travel surprises. Arrived at the hotel and made enquiries and they said they only received an email 1 or 2 days ago regarding changes.


    It looks like you need to just choose between the north and south link services. The map outside the booth is better than what is online and has more information on the back page. I only have my phone so a picture would be tiny. Anyway, just a warning!


    I’ve fed back to them online. Hopefully it goes somewhere.

    Suspect I will look harder into other services.

    Adam Jobbins

    How come they advised you to tram/walk? Was the service not running? Didn’t go near your hotel?


    Their hours have shortened on weekends so no service onwards to hotel. I think they shut a bit early that day at 430pm than their website stated time of 445pm. Previously you waited (possibly for a while) for a hotel shuttle to drop you off and pretty much at the door. I don’t think they went around many hotels for particular regions.

    Now it’s a shuttle going north or south to drop off points which I assume are ‘close enough’ to walk. Painful in crap weather. I really enjoyed a stay at the Pan Pacific previously which was the old Hilton South Wharf but it doesn’t look like any buses go there. We stayed at Rydges on Exhibition St and the drop off point looks much farther away than where the shuttle used to drop off.

    I remember the main skybus making an announcement about taxis and uber etc as we pulled into the station which I don’t recall happening previously. Now I know why.



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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