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    I found this pretty interesting:


    It seems the speeds mentioned in the article are much slower than those mentioned by Stuff’s article last year.

    Who will use this? Is anyone here excited about this or do you prefer to stay offline whilst flying?


    Steve Biddle

    Whether I’d use it would come down to pricing and quite simply whether I feel like I have anything important I want to get done that requires Internet access. I very rarely even use IFE on long haul flights now unless it’s a day flight.

    Adam Jobbins

    I’d use it even if it were reasonably slow. Even the much slower wifi Emirates run on their A380s I’ve found to be usable for things like Twitter, Facebook, Emails and Whatsapp.

    I don’t tend to use the IFE at all, instead I usually sync some Netflix shows to watch offline which works really well –  so I’m not too fussed about having bandwidth for streaming video.

    My biggest concern from what Steve observed is the inability to connect to a corporate VPN. If they don’t fix this, it’s going to kill the value proposition for many corporate travelers, who’s laptops are basically just as useful totally offline as they are without a VPN connection.

    Paul Spain

    I was lucky to try the first commercial inflight onboard Wi-Fi service back in about 2004/2005 timeframe. I think it was a flight between Germany and Singapore.

    I must say I’ve used onboard Wi-Fi often on U.S. domestic flights, but for the most part I quite enjoy being offline on long haul flights.

    I’m sure I’ll use the service from time-to-time, but I do hope they don’t give it away free anytime soon. Two reasons:

    – So that it becomes a conscious decision to use it

    – To keep Performance up for those who ‘need’ to use it




    I prefer Wifi to IFE so would use it.

    Work wise there seems to be a few more things online that aren’t downloadable. Would be good to read in the air as there’s a lot of down time. I aim to read things on the iPad as it’s easier to angle away from seat mates than laptops.

    Also good time to get through email – especially getting rid of junk!


    Steve Biddle

    Apparently the trial has been temporarily suspended at present and the 3 aircraft haven’t had WiFi switched on for a few weeks.


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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