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    Adam Jobbins

    Air New Zealand (NZ) and Qantas (QF) today made a surprise annoucement of plans for a reciprocal codeshare agreement that leverages the strengths of e
    [See the full post at: Air New Zealand and Qantas Announce Surprise Partnership]


    This was quite a shock! But actually a pleasing one that is good for consumers. Now Qantas customers have access both Jetstar and Air NZ flights in NZ.


    I was looking at some of the flights through to Perth and all I can say is – be careful!


    You could be connecting to a Qantas 737 in economy if you’ve paid for economy or PE on NZ. Personally I think the pricing is steep considering you fly PE for half the leg then end up on economy for the 2nd leg (no thanks!!).

    Also not great flying Qantas 737 business which is essentially a PE type seat when you pay for a business fare and knowing they have A330s with fantastic business class seats better than NZs current config.

    Aim for the A330 connection is all I can say. Some days I see more 737s on the domestic route and other days there are more A330s. And beware of buying PE, because you won’t be flying PE the whole way through (unless NZ can hook up a fare with QFs 787 which isn’t on offer currently).

    There was always this one VA A330 flight that timed well with the NZ flight through Melbourne.

    I’ll miss the VA alliance.



    This isn’t great.


    Minimal earn. Need to check booking class but expect ~ 3 APD (up to 10APD) for discount economy depending on route.

    Can’t see myself spending APD on a Tasman trip to include domestic flights.



    Elite and Gold get Qantas Club lounge access? I expected business class lounges for elite. It’s the equivalent of their platinum.

    I understand the 1 guest only. Qantas own platinums are allowed 2 guests domestically.

    No lounge access for Elite partners or Koru members. VA better in this regard. Makes for an even stronger argument for priority pass membership.



    NZ allows 2 check-in bags for koru, gold and elite but it looks like for the Qantas leg you’d need to pay for excess baggage. That could catch a few people out.


    From what I’ve been told via the NZ Social Media team they can insert your frequent flyer numbers to the corresponding legs so NZ for NZ and QF for QF to give you frequent flyer benefits if entitled to both. I didn’t ask specifically about baggage but can only imagine that would be included.


    I don’t see the point in earning a few APD on the domestic leg when you could earn sc and QF points (I’m assuming the QF points will be at a lower rate than usual without any status bonus if not on their ticket stock).

    Personally I think if flying through I’d rather use VA or QF than the NZ/QF combination although I may try it once at least at some point.


    If people have NZ status but no QF or VA status then I can see something is better than nothing and at least makes for a smoother transit experience rather than booking separate tickets.

    Anyway, on to another chapter…

    Steve Biddle

    NZ customers have definitely lucked out with the benefits.. Unlike QF pax who are the winners on multiple levels.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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