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it would be interesting to know if the Vietnam online one was the official one, or one of the dozens of “official sounding” sites that charge you to get a visa letter sent…. the official site is quite a bit different in its requirements which include both an application photo, and an upload of passport page.  The “official letter” sites just grab details and no photos.


I’ve just finished applying for 5 entry visas online to Cambodia on their *new* site (it went offline for about 4 days, just as I was about to apply, then returned all new):  https://evisa.gov.kh/

I was going to apply for the Vietnam ones, but after filling in half the page… I realized that “New Zealand” was missing from the Nationality drop-down 🙁

Is the Vietnam embassy in Wellington?  (Damn, was there all last week) The MFAT website links to a dead web page…   $180 seems steep for a multiple-entry, especially if you are buying for 5 people!  The online official one is US$25 – just lacks an NZ option.