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They just advised me a one month multiple entry is NZ$180. Single entry would be a bit less but I am going in, then going to Cambodia, then back to Vietnam.

I first visited Cambodia in 2004 and it was a remarkably different place to what it is now. I have been several times since, most recently 2 years ago.

When I first went, Siem Reap was full of land mine victims begging, the roads were mostly dirt roads, the only visitors were hardy back packers for the most part, with a few very well heeled people in the couple of posher places. Food was fairly local, money was travellers cheques cashed in the bank, petrol was sold in pop bottles.

Now, they have KFC, ANZ ATM’s, supermarkets selling Anchor butter and Aussie beef, modern petrol stations, tarmac roads and Range Rovers..!

I climbed Angkor on Christmas Day 2004 and the place was empty. Last time I was there, at the top (you can’t use the original stone stairs any more) it was wall to wall Korean tourists with iPads and identical hats!