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    What’s the low down with Zoomy in Auckland and Wellington? Is it exactly the same as Uber? Just as functional? Anyone compared the two and noticed any pricing differences? I’m guessing they haven’t hooked up with any loyalty programmes? eg like Uber had with SPG and now has with Qantas.


    “Edit” :  And do you think you have to wait longer for Zoomy vs Uber? Can you pre book a ride time wise? And do they have surge pricing?


    I’m sure I’ll think of something else later. I haven’t downloaded the app.

    Steve Biddle

    Zoomy is NZ based and most Zoomy drivers are also driving for Uber.

    I’ve used it a couple of times and had no issues. It’s popular with the “Uber are evil” crowd as the cut Zoomy take is less than Uber.. And it’s not Uber.

    I’ve seen a few discussions about it on Twitter lately with a few people still saying there are plenty of times where they are only limited drivers around or long waits for a vehicle.

    It does seem Zoomy pricing is fractionally cheaper than Uber and they have no surge pricing. I’m always in two minds about surge pricing as while I dislike the concept the reality is it does ensure you can get a vehicle at busy times. People complaining about 4x surge pricing on NYE have a choice – you can get an Uber instantly or you can wait an hour for a taxi if you want to pay less.


    Mauricio Freitas

    I try using Zoomy as my first choice, going through Uber if there aren’t Zoomy drivers around – this may happen in some areas but so far it seems I’m doing 2/3 of my rides with Zoomy.



    And what about receipts do they email those to you also like Uber does?

    I’ve downloaded the app but don’t feel much wiser to be honest. I did contact them via social media – then realised they hadn’t any activity since Feb.

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