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    I have to admit my seat mate brought this one up today. Interesting to see what I’m missing by only reading stuff vs the real newspaper.


    That’s a damn crap windy road to get to Ngongotaha at best from Paengaroa. I don’t think it’s 30 min drive to Whakatane either. Load of hogwash.


    Tauranga definitely feeling crowded and has more flights going in. There was NO parking space in the short term car park. No kiosks in airport and lots of people in the terminal. Lounge has stepped up with yum food. Some broccoli cheese thing, ham & cheese croissant, pumpkin soup, pasta and raw coleslaw (yum!) and brownies, mini muffins, lounge attendant etc. My flight was pretty full today despite being off peak. AKL-ROT was cancelled so ROT-AKL cancelled also so shot through to Tauranga – easy! Shorter than my AKL airport commute! No paper gate pass departing TRG. I had noticed the improvements previously but they just seemed more pronounced this time. The airport will need some sort of upgrading especially if growth continues.


    I remember maybe a couple of years ago the mayor saying they were getting ATR’s to Tauranga and we used to but I haven’t seen them in ages on this route. All seem to be flying to Napier! I haven’t been flying it as often since moving to AKL but I was thinking we could probably have done with an ATR.


    ROT flights have had decent loadings morning and evening when I’ve flown but I haven’t been observing the loadings over time. There’s usually a slightly delayed morning flight. I can’t see any reason to close this down currently. And Taupo gets 2 a day. I’d hate to land in Paengaroa and have to drive to Taupo.


    Interesting concept for the airport but, not entirely convinced right now that’s the way to go. I remember Rotorua extended their runway in anticipation of international flights which I think they may have had briefly but of course that all got canned so they’d spent the money without any benefits. Glad I don’t have to pay an extra $5 airport departure tax as had to previously (or maybe it’s in the fare somewhere and I don’t know).


    Anyway, just my ears flappin’ 🙂


    Looks like Tauranga airport is undergoing renovations aiming for completion mid 2018 (these things never seem to finish on time). Will be interested to see if they finally bring in kiosks although I’ve never found the lines too long for check-in.

    Steve Biddle

    All the rumours are that JQ will launch Tauranga services once the upgrade is finished. It’ll be interesting to see if this turns out to be the case.

    Passenger numbers are certainly growing quickly with all the Aucklander’s moving there. I know a few people now commuting from there.



    A-ha! Might be my chance to check out JQ’s Q300!

    Tauranga would be quite good for cancellations in terms of being within driving distance, there are shuttles to Auckland airport etc, so really not the end of the world if cancelled. Inconvenient still.

    I was always surprised JQ didn’t fly this route initially. Thought it was a no brainer.

    Excited to see what Tauranga airport come up with though. I’m guessing the NZ lounge will remain the same. I can’t remember when they added the lounge agent but I think it’s good as well as the improved food offerings.

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