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    I went to the food and wine expo in Brisbane which was actually pretty lame, we were out of there in under an hr. There must be another big show at some other time. Anyway, Marriott GC were there and offered $350 for 4 days and 3 nights, and of course we have to listen to some seminar for 90 mins which I’m sure is to entice us into some vacation club time share thing. Reviews on trip advisor are interesting. Usually one night ~$350. Anyway, don’t need to be an Aussie resident. Bit hesitant signing up as we’re not massive fans of the Gold Coast but I did in the end because that’s a good deal for 3 nights and I’m sure we’ll appreciate the weather during an NZ winter. It’s an extra $50 / night if fri or sat night. Blackouts pretty much over commonwealth games and maybe xmas. Have 12 months to choose a date. So may be worthwhile popping into a food show if you’re in Oz.


    Remember to have a look at the SPG hot escapes for deals. I guess this is the equivalent of Accors red hot room rates. The rates are better than a Doubletree room I booked in Toronto later which was the cheapest when I was looking around. Also missed a double point promo for a previous stay. Naturally I’m kicking myself.


    I was also browsing through the star privilege pacific site which is SPG’s F&B discount. Looks to be some deals on accommodation but you’d need to check it against the hot escapes to see which deal is better as the discount can’t be combined. Couldn’t see how much the membership was so emailed and received a phone call back…. from Marriott. Forgot about the merger.


    $399AUD but you get 2 memberships which gets you

    – 25% off F&B Oz excl public hols but you don’t have to be staying. The guy says there’s a buffet at the Sheraton in Sydney which is pretty popular.

    – Asia 20% off F&B

    – 10% off Oz & Fiji accommodation

    – 20% off Asia accommodation

    – vouchers, up to 8 people on a table (useful for family) 50% off and some with $75 off, I forgot to ask how many vouchers as it’s usually just my partner and I.

    – there is some deal on at the moment where you can buy the above excluding the vouchers for $210.

    – also looked at the Marriott website as they have Asia pacific club Marriott which is different from the vacation arm. They have a deal for Melbourne Marriott for $199/night where it’s normally $342/night. There are still a few nights left in September but it looks like you’d make your money back if you booked 2 nights quite easily.


    I’m sure I’ll think of a few more questions before the guy calls back in a few weeks and will ask him then e.g. hopefully F&B includes breakfast and no exclusion for resorts. How many vouchers. Wondering if it’s still 2 memberships for the $210 pricing.

    I think I’d probably only sign up if I had an expensive SPG/Marriott stay I was looking at in particular so my 12 months would start from there but sounds like you can start using the membership straight away.


    I have to admit I’ve not really looked at the Marriott properties. You can link your SPG account to Marriott for the same benefits and I think transfer points between quite easily. Currently gold with SPG is only 10 stays, the best benefit being the late checkout but you’ll receive Marriott gold benefits if you link your accounts which include free breakfast if you stay in Marriott properties. Ritz-Carlton also included but I don’t have an account with them. Don’t know what the future holds with the merger but I definitely prefer SPG’s four points over Accor’s Ibis so am looking forward to the Auckland one opening now Feb 2018. Generally more comfortable beds than an Ibis, more room, nicer bathrooms and amenities.

    You can link your Uber account to SPG for a few extra points also. This includes Uber eats. Seems to be pretty good at posting.

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