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    I’ve been using my AT HOP card. Skybus is $18 with them. When I tapped off one guy said to me “oh I didn’t realise you could use your AT HOP card” and I was like “don’t, it’s more expensive!”

    Using the skybus wifi that day I discovered it was $17 for tickets bought direct and $15 each way for return tickets. Within the website if you access it from your phone you can tap an icon that places the SB page on your home screen. Just make sure you label the Auckland icon differently from the Melbourne Skybus one! I imagine it will be the same as the Melbourne one where the ticket ?QR code shows up within the home screen page, so no paper tickets needed, they just scan your phone.


    You can earn VA points with the Melbourne Skybus but I didn’t see anything to this effect on the NZ page but only quick look. Spent the time on the bus stewing over missing this, haha.



    And it appears you CAN earn Velocity points with the Auckland sky bus – hurrah!

    Steve Biddle

    Skybus have given hints lately about looking at Wellington as well. NZ Bus announced a few months ago they were ending the Airport Flyer service to the Hutt but this has now been given an extension until the end of the year.

    Stuff inferred both could co-exist at the airport, but that would be crazy. As NZ Bus want out of NZ now I suspect it’d be a case of them simply taking over. I guess we’ll have the inevitable fare increases to look forward to as the Flyer is a lot cheaper than Auckland or Melbourne for time and distance.



    Sounds like you’ll be able to earn VA points with Skybus in Welly in the future too then.


    Skybus now has services from North Shore which is awesome.

    I’m planning on driving to the station, leaving car there then jumping on the skybus. Introductory $1 offers in July, I think until the 14th – BARGAIN!! 🙂

    Sorry no VA Velocity points with that offer but it’s $1!

    Partner uses the bus sometimes so I’ll take a picture of where the car is with a brief description to text to him, then he can get off the bus at the same station and go pick up the car with the spare key and drive it home. It will only be parked a few hours. Might play around with a couple of different station options just to see what’s best but I am super happy they’ve come to the Shore.

    Just noticed they also have the business travellers offer, tickets valid for 6 months with 15% off. I don’t think I’ll get that though as the way I travel to the airport varies. Haven’t taken the bus in a while it seems so I’d hate for them to expire.


    Curious – anyone have any experience with buying a return ticket and then being able to use it in the same direction? Because I may bus in one time and picked up the next, then the next time I use the bus may end up being in the same direction. I doubt this is a problem but of course I’d hate to find out it was on the day. Pretty easy to buy another ticket on the spot.


    It’s pretty easy to use Skybus really. If you bring up the website you can actually create a shortcut icon onto your phone so whenever you want to buy tickets it brings up the website. If you’re using the service in Melbourne as well it’s worthwhile separating the 2 quite well as the icon looks the same.



    Once you buy (remember to put in your Velocity details), then they email you. Just open up the email and click on ‘view tickets’ and it will bring it up. Ticket person just scans it and you’re good to go!

    If you get lots of emails then it’s worth making up another folder for Skybus so you can find your ticket quickly.

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