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    A380 gone from July 13 ūüôĀ

    Makes upgrades on QF more appealing across the ditch. But it’s still a short flight.

    Realistically I’ll still be down the back. I quite like¬†the 2-4-2 layout of the A330 in economy.

    I’m always intrigued at how dynamic the airline environment is.


    Steve Biddle

    It’s hardly a surprising move. ¬†QF have been putting the A330’s into AKL and I’ve heard Emirates¬†have had a lot of excess capacity now they’re flying direct to DXB.



    One of EK’s CSMs said the direct flight was doing well but I didn’t think that would impact on the SYD-AKL legs and I thought QFs A330 was only seasonal.


    The A330¬†ruined a nice sunrise picture I took from the NZ lounge earlier in the year:P ¬†I wasn’t sure if it was from Perth , Sydney or somewhere else. I should have checked the arrivals board. It was really¬†early before 7 I think.


    However¬†both economy and business are significantly better than the 737’s and worth organising your flying schedule around if possible. But in comparison to the A380 – no first class, no bar, business has more space on the A380 along with the personal mini bar, I like the foot wells a bit¬†better on the A380, ICE entertainment, and cameras. EK took away the NZ Sav last year? and from memory QF has generally had one on board in business. EK business loadings generally light when I’ve flown except peak season meaning more time to chat with crew but I suspect QF’s flights will probably have heavier loadings in business on the A330. I think the economy seats are a bit nicer on the A380¬†although I do like the 2-4-2 seating on the A330. The ability to upgrade though is a bonus but in NZ the main way to earn points is by flying, using the Qantas Cash card (can’t remember if the ANZ one got pulled), or transferring from AMEX meaning points are harder to come by so the appeal of spending even 20,000 points on a short trans Tasman flight upgrade is less – at least for me. You can buy the xmas vouchers giving you more points but I think there are some finer points to read over like needing to originate from Oz or something. Might look into some of those this xmas.


    Overall I view the removal of the A380 as a loss.




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