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    If you have seat only or fastbag on regional airnz flight do you actually need to check-in online 30min before the flight as the app advises or can you just walk up to the gate with e-ticket?

    Craig Whitmore

    “…  passengers can still attain a printed boarding pass at our airport kiosks to scan at the gate as you board..”




    I meant flight leaves at 10am you have no bags and boarding pass on app you walk up to the gate at 9.50 you haven’t checked in online. The app gives you the option to check-in online and states check-in closes 30min before departure – do you have to do that check-in part on your app or not?


    I’m pretty sure I’ve done this before although majority of the time I do OLCI domestic because I’m bored or have bags to check or especially if I think I’ll be a bit late (I got the impression it counted for something one time I was really late and was questioned about OLCI). As long as you have your mobile boarding pass I think  you’re good to go with domestic and that comes up on your phone even without checking in. If it’s a day trip I definitely arrive later than 30 mins prior to departure.

    I also remember reading others experiences about forgetting to check in for flights yet still boarding domestic  but I’m struggling to find the reference.

    Steve Biddle

    If you don’t have a bag there is no requirement to check-in for a flight either online or at a kiosk – you can simply turn up at the gate for boarding with your phone/app.

    If you enter a lounge it will automatically check you in.

    If you don’t use a kiosk for an international flight and either use on-line check-in or just turn up at the lounge or gate they will need to verify your passport before you can board.

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