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    Europcar has been good at letting me log in and obtain previous rentals. But I’ve just learned that AVIS will let you log into their website and obtain the car rental invoice 48hrs AFTER handing back the car keys. You can also log into budget as well. The advice is from Oz but I’m extrapolating and hope it works for NZ also. Taking pictures of those massive car rental invoices is ridiculous. I’ve been more proactive in asking them if they can email me an invoice lately so I guess that’s why the direction but good to know! So much easier having things available online. The AVIS lady said they hold them for maybe a month? Presumably budget the same given they’re owned by AVIS?

    Just signed up for fast break as well, was under the impression it was dead but I think that was based on FT observations.

    I think my delayed learning is signing up for every program and not really getting to know the nuts and bolts of them each. With cars, I just want to get out of the airport early rather than yapping through details. I certainly find that with Europcar I could just grab the package with limited yap and go. Hoping to get the same experience with the others.

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