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    Westpac have added a little plane to the list of icons so you can notify them when you’re travelling, date you’re leaving, arriving NZ and the countries you’re visiting. Pretty cool! Not sure what other banks do it.


    Briefly googled the other banks I used but nothing. Haven’t had a good look around though.


    Found a link https://www.westpac.com.au/faq/notify-of-overseas-travel/


    With BNZ online banking there’s now have a link in the Secure Messaging area to advise of travel details. In the past we had to send an actual secure message or phone.

    Adam Jobbins

    Here in Oz, CBA have a thing with their credit card travel insurance where you can activate extra cover (free, but some paid addons) via internet banking, which also notifies them of your travel plans. It’s all quite nicely integrated. I also like how I can turn off and on international in store and/or international online credit card payments instantly from the app.


    Nice! I don’t bank with BNZ (for now) so didn’t look into them.


    The Oz CBA thing sounds different because it’s tied to credit card travel insurance whereas I think it’s good for banks to be notified by any customer that travels, not just those with the specific credit card insurance.


    I had my car broken into once and thieves did the sneaky ‘take the card but leave the wallet behind’ so you think ‘thank goodness they didn’t take my wallet’ = false reassurance. I then didn’t look through the wallet to check all the cards were there. (I’m a novice victim!) It creates enough of a delay where they can go spend up.

    Anyway it was actually the bank that called me as the thieves went to 2 gas stations which I wouldn’t normally do. Who gets gas twice? I think I had the money spent returned to me, but that leaves the bank out of pocket.

    The converse is true where I was in Oz and the bank blocked the credit card for transactions that were made by me. They did call to check but for other reasons I couldn’t answer at the time and I think that’s why the block went on. But a call sorted things out and the block was removed.

    By having the option to notify them of travel it protects us from cards being blocked and them from being out of pocket.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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