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    Picked up this article in my FB feed:

    Personally, I can’t think of anything worse than 18 hours stuffed inside a plane, even if it is a nice Dreamliner.

    Pretty sure I would always go for a stop-over, even if it was only a couple of hours, at least it’s some relief from other passengers and the opportunity to eat and drink something different.



    I did see that article doing the rounds on social media. There were some comments that judging by the tone of the article the guy was out to hate the flight from the outset.


    I’m not really sold on the idea of flying direct in economy although I think it’s the premium cabins that make most of the money for the flight and I can see those being in a bit of demand. They do have a nice business class. Also read they were asking QF members I think via survey if they would fly the route. Didn’t sound too positive.


    I think in economy the 787 could be challenging for that duration. Apparently Qantas sell comfort seats (same fare but minus the taxes) and you still earn sc on them if you were after space. (I think I prefer NZ’s twin seat for $99 at the airport that earns nothing). You can fly MEL – PER to check out Y or J. Not sure about PE though. Thought it was reserved for those flying through to LHR. I wouldn’t mind flying a domestic leg in economy just to check it out.


    I do know someone that is keen to fly the Europe – Dubai – Auckland flight in economy with 1 stop but that is an A380 and it’s Emirates. I think they found the Oz stops a pain as they’re almost there. If I was flying one stop from NZ I’d prefer to take other routes that break it up or have better seats.


    I’m not sure I believe the hype about food changes so you cope better. Nor “preparing” for the flight days in advance to get your body clock sorted. Who does that??



    Adam Jobbins

    The QF business suites are really nice, and I’d probably be happy to spend 18 hours in one on a dreamliner, which a nice long sleep in the middle. But economy – no thanks.


    Knocking the time down to <16hrs – amazing!


    “According to travel agents, the Perth to London nonstop is proving popular and it is difficult to get premium seats.”  No mention of how economy is going!


    I’m assuming NZ has their own weather team given the routes the fly? I am somewhat happy for them if they’re doing well on the route.


    A much nicer review.

    It is interesting the cost was $1965 return. From NZ my expectation is generally around the $1600 return mark to get to London in economy although I expect to see those costs rise due to fuel costs.

    I do like they mention listening to podcasts as this is a good way to pass some of the time. I’m not a massive movie buff but on a flight that long could definitely watch a few.


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