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    I try and save $10-25 etc when possible so sometimes buy the seat fare with partner or dad.

    Forgot had bought dad seat fare, got to check-in for international and was unable to add a bag via the kiosk or app. Told by staff that option stops when flight opens presumably 3hrs or so prior. Managed to put one of my bag tags on his bag and we took 2 carry on each <7kg so no fee – whew!

    Funny because I’d bought my partner’s NZ ticket via VA and once again forgot he only had a seat fare. We called up VA and they added the bag for a small extra cost and we were at MEL check-in.

    Domestic I see you can still add while checking in – presumably up to 30min prior, not “when the flight opens”.

    Anyone else had luck adding bags at the last minute on NZ without a hefty fee?

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