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    Hi folks,

    Rob here, currently residing in the Perth hills.  You may remember me as wob from geekzone and wob from AFF.

    Was doing heaps of flying a few years ago – weekly commute PER-MEL for a couple of months as well as loads of training in MEL and SYD.  Got my Velocity status up to platinum, and then, what do you know? my company switched airlines and the big Q did a status match so I was QFF platinum for a year as well!!

    Amount of travel has dropped off significantly since then, Velocity silver and QFF pleb now.

    Still like to hop on a big-bird whenever I can, generally Virgin for leisure and Qantas for business (always manage to squirrel enough QFF points for an upgrade on the rare business trips).

    Really appreciate the lounge offers, will definitely check them out whenever I’m travelling solo.

    Looking forward to getting involved and sharing tips and reviews.

    Mauricio Freitas

    Welcome to TravelTalk!


    I love Perth! AFF has a tonne of info and obviously a larger population to draw experience from. If there’s a loop hole you can guarantee someone has found it and worked it!


    Anyway, welcome 🙂 I do forget to post lounge offers probably most times I fly but you could also post your dates you’re requesting and see if someone is flying that day. They have similar offers on Flyertalk and AFF.

    Steve Biddle


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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