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    I had only ever used taxis in Singapore as the prices seemed reasonable. I did download a couple of other apps including Grab while there last time but still used the taxi to and from the airport. I had read Uber had pulled out of SE Asia as well.


    Recently I noticed Grab shows up in Singapore airlines app – nice! You can take them from the airport but I was too lazy to look up where to find them and we ended up taking the taxi to the hotel. That guy took as to the wrong place, and when he found the right street proceeded to drive to the next! These are the very things I find frustrating about taxis. That and cost. I decided to try Grab and was pretty impressed. As an app it’s not as nice as Uber but I’m still getting a feel for it. I like that Uber emails me receipts. There is a ‘history’ section in the Grab app but it’s nice to have an email. I’ll need to look into that a bit more.

    Also love that you can send messages within the Grab app as well. I had an issue with the Uber app previously when the driver didn’t want to call my NZ number to clarify pick up although Uber has this option available now also. Not sure when it was introduced.

    I was most impressed when I discovered they were in Cambodia as well and we could order tuk tuks! This meant no bargaining for price etc. No handing over $ although you still have the cash option. Slight hiccup when my internet wasn’t working so well and my partner logged into my grab account and my credit card details disappeared so the driver was asking for cash. I didn’t watch +1 make the booking so didn’t notice. Took us a while to work that one out but it comes up on the drivers phone as well stating cash fare. Had a brief but efficient interaction with Grab on twitter as well and they ensured my credit card hadn’t been charged. Good to know they’re responsive.


    On another note I see google maps brings up comparison ride shares. It brought up both Uber and GET in the UK within the google maps app and had comparison prices. That’s awesome!


    Anyway, Grab is worth downloading if you’re heading that way. I think the price difference was something like $13 between our taxi and Grab on the same route. Significant.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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