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    From airline routes:

    Singapore Airlines from January 2019 is launching new Airbus A350-900XWB service on Singapore – Christchurch route, reflected in the reservation system as of 0355GMT (14MAY18). The A350 will replace existing Boeing 777-200ER service on SQ297/298, effective 07JAN19.

    SQ297 SIN1950 – 1040+1CHC 359 D
    SQ295 SIN2200 – 1520+1CHC 772 136

    SQ298 CHC1200 – 1740SIN 359 D
    SQ296 CHC1420 – 2000SIN 772 247

    SQ295/296 operates on seasonal basis, from 28NOV18 to 09FEB19 (SIN departure).


    Hello SQ redemptions!


    Wellington still got the 772? Sorry guys 😛


    Here’s a link to exploring the A350 cabin (although it’s not like you don’t all have access to google).


    Hey moderators – can you extend the ‘edit’ option to something longer??  Cheers.

    Steve Biddle

    The SQ A350 looks really nice. It’s certainly going to be a huge step forward for those who fly SQ out of the country and endure a 15yr old product on their planes.

    I wonder what award redemptions will be like?



    I’ve read a couple of negative things about SQs A350 J but sometimes its hard to know if people are just being fuss pots or if what they’re really complaining about is actually worth complaining about until you sit in the seat. Some things you can tell from online reviews.


    I like SQs app searching for redemptions. Less logging in and navigating. They are pretty good with regards to availability. I read they do something called route control but don’t really know what that is. Australians are unlikely to be flying here to get redemptions as they are well served by SQ from various airports. Better than their own home carriers to Asia.

    It’s 58k to SIN / other parts of Asia (check zones), and taxes are pretty good. You can pay 100USD for a stopover if you like. And they have these awesome 5th freedom routes. From SIN you can fly to the US east or west via various routes and just work a stopover in. Overall it costs less points to do this than it does with the same trip broken into 2 separate sectors.

    One route I’ll probably angle for is SIN-FRA-JFK with stopover to break and catch a cheapie to the UK. The other route is SIN-MAN-IAH with stopover to see people.

    Of course you could then fly someone eg Jet Blue to ORD cash ticket and catch NZ home, or catch NZ from IAH home. Stopover in IAH to see the space place for a bit of a buffer between separate tickets.


    Buying SPG and transferring to SQ is dead easy, using AMEX to transfer to SQ or VA to SQ, or excess NZ flying if eligible.

    There’s the SPG Marriott marriage going on but as far as I can tell SPG points will be converted to Marriott but still transferrable to the same airlines with the usual transfer bonus.

    Basically buy SPG on sale ~ 35% I think discount works out to around USD682.5 for 30k points. Transfer only in 20k increments to receive the extra 5k bonus then I top up from AMEX VA, existing SQ flights or NZ. I made up an account for the partner. Buying SPG points keeps them from expiring or a stay. Easy enough to stay at a four points or just transfer them out to the airline you’re going to use especially if you know the route and it’s just a matter of when.

    Add taxes as well to the redemption ticket. I can’t remember what we paid for upcoming flights but when we paid for an APD ticket with NZ previously I think it was around $40NZD so it should have been around there. That’s pretty amazing value to fly business class from AKL-SIN-REP for only ~654NZD + 40 taxes (Our routing isn’t a stopover to pay for). Economy AKL-SIN can be up around there. If you don’t have other sources like VA AMEX SQ to top up then you have to weigh up the cost of buying SPG points vs say a cash sale fare and actually earning points although you’re only transferring 20k increments so well, you need to do the math.

    I’m thinking I might save SQ miles for the 5th freedom routes (88/92k depending on direction) though as much better value and there are enough ways to get to Asia easily from NZ. I don’t think availability is too tricky. You might have to be flexible by a day or 2. We didn’t get our exact dates later in the year but we sometimes tag an extra day onto the weekend when away so it’s not too big a deal to fly a bit earlier. Better luck getting exact dates booking a year in advance. Or you can check out the airports SQ fly out of from Oz and see if there’s availability for dates. Pretty sure it’s the same pricing chart. Same with AA no difference in points required if flying out of NZ or Oz to Asia.

    When it comes to redeeming points I find the blogs more informative than FT although FT is good for a specific question. Best to play around with the system before using it and SQ are pretty user friendly.

    The one thing I will say is, I used to moan NZs flight departed AKL so late, but it actually connected well with onward flights. We are flying SQs 777 later and we have to overnight to catch the next flight which adds an accommodation cost and it’s time in a place you hadn’t intended to stay but we’ll live.

    There are a couple of other finer points to consider but it’s pretty easy all up for the value and comfort you get in return. At least with this carrier.


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