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    I’m really excited about this product TT! Keen to try it out in all cabins. No idea who to accrue the flight to though! I don’t have a SkyTeam FFP and despite brief searches I still don’t know who to accrue to. Any thoughts? Preferably a FFP with points that can be extended with a rental car accrual and some flights now and then. Also haven’t flown the A350 yet 🙁

    PE and J look nice. A colleague said J could be cheaper than Y sometimes on the main carriers. Picked some random April dates and J was 468 and 537 the other way – pretty good!!

    1930 – 2130 AKL-BNE  and 1250-1800 BNE-AKL (not long after NZ departs).


    I just flew this service all the way to LGW.

    I was in PE and it was a pleasant experience. The seats are the same base as Singapore Airlines,  in cloth not leather. I was fortunate enough to have empty seats all round me on all my flights.

    Food was palatable but nothing amazing. Air NZ premium food is better. Good snacks service, bar service looked ok but I don’t drink when flying so no first hand reports of that.

    On a vfm basis the return flight was 50% of what Air NZ wanted for the same class and I’d do it again, although with a 24 hour stop in Taipei.


    I checked it out in business PE and economy across the ditch and loved it. Except the food and the bubbles I think could benefit from a rotation. Have a couple more flights booked in economy with them. Across the Tasman they offer one of the best prices.

    I couldn’t get on the blimn internet. I’ll have another go next time. I have limited patience for tech stuff that doesn’t work easily though.

    It’s definitely great value for money although some of their business pricing long haul is up around the other carriers prices. Just have to keep an eye out for deals. Agree would be nice to do a quick stop in Taipei to visit.



    I swear I have eaten the same meal on this flight EVERY time (~ 4 months)! Doesn’t matter if it’s economy or PE. There’s zero options given.

    Rice with bit of egg, peas, couple of prawns, some chicken

    Kit kat is nice

    Fruit is good, different in PE from economy

    Ice-cream in PE.


    However, the plane is awesome.

    Wifi is ok, sometimes a bit slow.


    They do sometimes offer upgrades to PE at the airport.

    ~110AUD from Y to PE

    – 35kg included. You can check in as many pieces as you want to make it up to 35kg.

    – No lounge access

    – No additional miles


    A pretty decent product too. Flown the bulk head and the back seat of PE. I think my button was a bit stuck and didn’t discover the full recline until we were descending.

    They seem to be doing reasonably well with loads on the TT route.

    PE was cheaper than economy on the main carriers.

    Economy feels roomier than some of the other alternatives.


    Anyway the solution to the food is to eat at a priority pass restaurant where it’s free or at the airport. Sometimes it’s good to get out of the lounges and go for a wander.

    My 3 cents.


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